Conversations with Corbs #4 Connectivity

Do we live in a culture of deep individualism? It certainly seems so. This is why leaders today need to embrace the inherent interconnectedness of everyone and everything. While we may seem more divided and self-serving than ever, digital technology has illustrated just how connected we are as a society and how similar we are as individuals. Organisations should strive to build cohesion, collaboration, and collective unity by aligning people’s values and beliefs with the overarching business vision. By creating a collective culture, we can encourage more teamwork and functionality. Furthermore, thinking and operating as a collective helps build empathy and care for individuals as everyone understands and acknowledges their role in the collective. There’s no space for ego or self-interest in company culture. Sure, people have grown more conscious of their own value and wellbeing as individuals; but a collective mindset ensures organisational success rather than individual triumphs. The same goes for business leaders. If all they seek is personal glory, then the collective will suffer. A good leader recognises their role and responsibilities, acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses of their team members to get the best out of everyone. We may live in an era of individuality, but it offers us an opportunity to connect and inspire rather than divide and alienate. It all starts with a collective perspective.

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