The Innovative Office

Love seeing more and more businesses leave traditional ways of working to support employee innovation. What’s even more impressive is the handful of businesses that are physically changing their office spaces to encourage collaboration, with some spaces built to accommodate for one-on-one interaction or even larger groups of eight or twelve. The key here is to build flexible spaces that adjust to employee needs, not to make employees fit into a space you’ve built. Some firms have rebuilt their offices according to organisational visions and goals. For example, tech firms have decked out workspaces with the latest gadgets, whilst those with sustainability targets are using renewable energy. For employees at home, I’ve seen many firms implement collaboration platforms so everyone can contribute, no matter where they choose to work. I know when we put together our new office space a couple of years ago, we wanted to create an environment that inspired people to think differently and push our creative limits (including a laundry-themed room!). We’re yet to see what the best way to collaborate will be once our dear Slingers are allowed back into the office.

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