Monthly Archives: March 2021

Hamilton sets Australian box office record with more than 250,000 tickets sold

WOW!! So many congrats to the wonderful team at Michael Cassel Group on this incredible success. We love working with you and everyone at Slingshot is so proud to work on this incredible production. Make sure you have your tickets – they’re selling fast!

Company culture is everyone’s responsibility

Cultivating the desired company culture needs to be a shared responsibility with different roles assigned to individuals depending on their informal sphere of influence within the organisation. Not only does it make each stakeholder accountable for fostering a thriving culture but it also brings everyone on the same page about a company’s purpose and vision. […]

88% of marketers say collecting first-party data is a 2021 priority

With data restrictions on the rise, it’s unsurprising that marketers are making capturing first-party data a top priority in 2021. However, moving forward, inter-company second-party data-sharing partnerships and earning customers’ trust for zero-party data will be absolutely key for marketers that want to continue making data-driven decisions.