Strategy and Insight

Good strategy is about making tough decisions. It’s as much about what you don’t do as what you do. Each and every brief goes through the Slingshot senior leadership team, this ensures we get to the heart of the problem quickly. We then use simple frameworks to articulate the strategy so that it’s actionable, easy to understand and can be communicated to other stakeholders.

Media Planning, Buying and Implementation

We have everyone on the team involved at the strategy development stage to ensure that the strategy seamlessly flows into implementation. We make sure that we understand every single asset that a client has and leverage these assets alongside the budget to ensure incredible value and scale for them. We treat media owners with respect, courtesy and as partners and deliver amazing results with them. That’s how Slingshot propels our client’s businesses further faster.

Programmatic Performance

What do you need more of? Leads, sales, visits, clicks, sign ups? Whatever it is we have almost certainly done it successfully before. Our trading team are hands on and constantly monitoring, tweaking and optimising campaigns. Every. Single. Day. If you are looking for an agency that just sets and forgets, then best to look elsewhere. We have our sleeves rolled up and ready for action at all times.

Data and Analytics

We are far more interested in business results than vanity media metrics. That’s why we rely heavily on data and analytics. We use data in many ways; sizing audiences, prioritising markets and most importantly closing the loop to understand purchase behaviour wherever we can. Applying data in this way ensures that our media makes a meaningful impact. Analytics gives us and our clients the ability to see real time what is happening.